Please be assured that all of our houseboats are large enough to satisfy both the social distancing and public gathering guidelines

We have fully updated our Safety Management System and we have completed a comprehensive Covidsafe Plan.   

We will be forwarding further information to you closer to your arrival date detailing important information regarding your booking which includes procedures on achieving social and physical distancing requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

To lesson unnecessary community contact we would encourage all of our guests to either shop in their local area before arrival or to use the click and collect services at Woolworths or Coles and Dan Murphys.

Whilst the COVID-19 social distancing requirements are in place, we have implemented an embarkation and disembarkation policy to enable us to comply with the requirements. This policy will ensure that a maximum of 3 houseboat crews will be able to load at any given whilst still practicing social distancing. Prior to arrival you will be required to nominate a preferred embarkation/ arrival time which will then have a corresponding disembarkation time (see below). 

With the implementation of this policy you, and all the occupants on your houseboat, will need to be very organised for your holiday. You will be given a scheduled embarkation / arrival time and you will have 60-minutes to load your belonging on the houseboat. If you or any of the occupants of your houseboat arrive outside of this scheduled time slot you must wait until all other boats/ arrivals have finished and the mooring is clear of too many guests before accessing the houseboat. As we have 7 houseboats this could mean waiting 3 hours if you miss your scheduled embarkation time.

Similarly, you will also need to be organised for disembarkation. You will be given a scheduled disembarkation time and you will have 60 minutes to unload your belongings from the houseboat. You must ensure that you are back at the moorings by the scheduled disembarkation time. If you miss your scheduled disembarkation time you will be charged a late return fee, from your scheduled disembarkation time, as detailed on your invoice ($80.00 per 30 minutes).

Embarkation / Arrival time options are as follows:

Arrival Time: 2.30 to 3.30pm Corresponding Departure Time: 8.30 to 9.30am

Arrival Time: From 3.30pm Corresponding Departure Time: 9.30 to 10.30am

Please note that, on the date of your arrival, if it is illegal for you, the hirer, to travel due to a state or federal order or direction then we will reschedule your hire or offer you a voucher to the value of what you have paid.  This applies to bookings where payments have been received in accordance with our payment terms as detailed at the original time of booking. For more information on our terms and conditions please click here.